Dramatically Reduces Rain Noise on any Hard Surface, Metal Roof Structures
Is Rain Noise a Problem to You ? We Have the Solution Read On
Who We Are
We at Silent Roof are the sole World Wide suppliers of our Silent Roof material that Dramatically Reduces the rain noise emanating from roof surfaces. We are based on the south coast of the UK, our registered office is in Torquay, Devon, UK. We undertake installations throughout the UK subject to certain limitations and supply our unique material to installers worldwide. Interested in talking to us about your project?
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What We Do
We at Silent Roof have developed a solution to the problem of rain noise emanating from hard roof surfaces in to the living or working space beneath. We use our Rain Noise Reduction Technology Material on surfaces such as Profile Metal Sheeting and the like.

Once installed the space below the treated roof surface immediately benefits from a dramatic reduction in rain noise pollution. The images on this site are an illustration of how the SRM is applied to a large Profile Metal Roof at the Honey Monster Factory Roof In Southall, London, in Sep 2018, all 5400 square metres of it.
Profile Metal Roofing
Profile Metal Roofing Panels – Dramatically Reduce Rain Noise
In situations where rain noise on a metal profile or composite roofing material is affecting the work space below give us a call at Silent Roof, 
we have the solution to your problem. In association with the world leading manufacturer of three dimensional matrix matting insulation products, a patented Silent Roof System, installed on top of your existing roof Dramatically Reduces rain noise before it occurs. Rain noise on these types of roof structures is a nuisance in many different environments; industrial factory units, schools, the filming sector, commercial offices and the like.The images on this site are an illustration of how the SRM is applied to a large Profile Metal Roof at the Honey Monster Factory Roof In Southall, London, in Sep 2018, all 5400 square metres of it.
A Silent Roof installation is swiftly completed and all installation activity takes place on the exterior of the building so not interfering with the activities below the roof in question.
Hearing is Believing
The short video clip above demonstrates audibly the effect of water dropping on to a metal surface simulating rain noise with and without the benefit of  a covering of Silent Roof material. This video was recorded on a mobile phone in a very basic setup but the results are nevertheless undeniable. REMEMBER, turn up the volume of your device before pressing the play button, it’s the soundtrack that is of interest not so much the video quality that is well… a bit basic.
(It will be replaced in the near future) 
Silent Roof - Dramatically Reduces
Rain Noise on Your Roof

A unique material that in simple terms shatters falling rain drops on the upper smooth surface, the rain water then trickles through the lattice, then runs on to the original roof surface and away in to the rain water drainage system.

The material is black in colour and is utilised to suppress rain noise on Profile Metal Roofing structures and the like.

The Silent Roof material is UV stabilised. Due to the flexible properties of the material it can be utilised  on any surface be it flat or curved. We have developed various means of securing the material to a variety of surfaces. 
A Technical Description
‘The Silent Roof material is a flexible, multi-dimensional sheet material, produced from polyamide filaments bonded together where they cross to form a tough, open lattice. It has a flat back on one side produced from filaments in an irregular, two-dimensional structure which is thermally bonded to the multi-dimensional structure.

Profile Metal Roofing Structures are covered completely with continuous lengths of black Silent Roof material, each length is secured to it’s neighbour and anchored at the extremities. Due to the open lattice structure of the material it presents very little wind resistance therefore being unaffected by inclement weather conditions.
We are based on the south coast of England, you however may have a project in mind at some other location outside of the UK. If you have a situation where rain noise from a roof structure is affecting the work space or living area beneath,  We can arrange to export our Silent Roof material to your location wherever it may be world wide.

Installation of the Silent Roof material is simplicity itself and you would be guided every step of the way by our on-line or telephone support if and when required.

The Silent Roof Material (SRM) is supplied in bales 1 metre in width and up to a maximum of 60 metres in length. A square metre of SRM is 800g and it is 17mm thick.  Bales can be delivered pre-cut to any length you require for your project be it a flat, pitched, barrel profile roof area.
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